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GoIndiaGreen is a mobile and web application that is operated and maintained by SBD Digi Healthcare Technologies Pvt. Ltd and was started in 2021. We are engaged to provide waste management services to businesses of all sizes and that’s why we are the best scrap dealers in Ranchi, Jharkhand with the primary goal of being flexible, credible and fair to all of our clients.

GoIndiaGreen is not just a slogan or a motto but also it has become a need of the hour and the sooner people take it – go green to save the earth, the better it will be for all the species that coexist on this earth. Doing Scrap Business means practising to create an eco-friendly environment. It supports us to be aware of how we can save trees and thus save nature which will save the mother earth from getting sick due to various cruel human exploitation.

However, there is no doubt that people are becoming aware these days and are bringing plants like a spider plant, money plant, due to some level we are being able to combat the level of pollution. But what about other environmental concerns? Don’t they need to be protected and prevented from further degradation? Well, they do!

From time to time we hear that our earth is passing through some serious environmental threat due to wastage of non-renewable resources, deforestation, and damage to ecosystem and biodiversity and indulge in some human actions which result in the wind. The water quality is deteriorating. All these issues often raise our eyebrows out of anger and curiosity which often leads us to wonder & how to save Mother Earth.

Mission and Vision

Our Scrap Company’s mission is to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover assets through continuous innovations in recycling technology, which adds up to the “happiness” of an abundant scrap dealer among working people.

We are already ready. Go India Green treats “waste not as waste” as an opportunity to reuse and recycle. We have a team of the best Scrap dealers in Jharkhand who have a sound knowledge of the recycling industry and the environment and have come up with innovative ideas to clean your front desk regularly.

We are Scrap traders our Vision is to make Waste-free India with an unpolluted environment, public hygiene, and cleanliness with better quality of life leading to improved health and general comfort, economic gains, better visual surroundings, and overall environmental improvement. This is the best way to promote employment opportunities through waste management.

Our experienced team in the scrap industry will help to answer the needs of today’s clients and our scrap company allows you to sell your scrap online in Ranchi with reduced operational costs. This is the platform that helps existing trash and recycling businesses to operate more intelligently, effortlessly, and digitally.

Who We Are and How We Work?

GoIndiaGreen is a Ranchi-based garbage collector and the best Scrap dealer in Ranchi that aims at handling the waste on a day-to-day basis and dispose of it ethically. We provide the facility for businesses and individuals to sell their waste online. Our leadership focuses on removing the negative environmental impact so that both our economy and the environment can succeed.

Since the benefits from waste are great when managed from an early stage, a large part of our work also includes providing advice and guidance to companies, and industrial and construction sites on issues related to their waste disposal. Our Scrap Collector services in Ranchi are being provided to businesses of all sizes across Jharkhand, with the primary goal of being flexible, trustworthy, and fair to all of our clients.

GoIndiaGreen provides the services through our pre-qualified, extensive network of providers, all of whom are thoroughly studied, tested, and monitored in regular lectures and are driven by global market trends, which automate your business operations, and provides end-to-end standardization and optimization.

What Services We Provide

GoIndiaGreen, we are committed to offering scrap collection services to entrepreneurs and businesses and garbage collection services for residential at a very cost-effective proposition. We believe that a customer is always right and the focus of any business activity should be to serve the customer with maximum loyalty.

GoIndiaGreen understands the need of treating and dispose of all waste in a safe, efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly manner. Scrap dealers in Ranchi can select the right technology that fits the application and this can be on- or off-site depending on specific client requirements.

We have access to a wide variety of scrap collection technologies and can design, build, finance, and operate a range of waste management facilities and solutions. Treatment and disposal solutions can be based on single-stream or single-client requirements as well as multi-stream or multi-client requirements, providing economies of scale where possible

Clean the Environment by Selling Waste

Selling your junk in this convenient manner not only benefits your wallet, but it o benefits the environment. The best way to reduce the waste is to sell the garbage to the Scrap Collectors. GoIndiaGreen is the best Kabadiwala in Ranchi to which you can sell your Garbage at a fantastic price and also we are providing you door-to-door services.

All you have to do is to search for scrap dealers near me to get desired services as we take our responsibilities seriously. Everything we do is aimed at providing an outstanding customer experience while also protecting the environment, our workers and the general public. We built our waste marketplace because we live in a throw-away society dominated by materialism, and we produce a massive amount of waste, most of which still ends up in landfills.

Our ultimate goal is to create a waste-free future in which all of the rubbish we generate is recycled. As a Nation, we are producing more waste and have no idea what to do with it. An inefficient garbage disposal can harm the environment and endanger public health. Citizens are learning that there is no simple method to dispose of waste that they previously imagined could be buried or burnt and forgotten.

Current disposal techniques endanger our health, safety, and the environment, while also imposing additional indirect expenses on society. The vast majority of industrial, commercial, and domestic garbage is now disposed of in landfills or surface impoundments.

USPA technology-driven company working on SaaS (Software as a Service) based model for the technology platform to make a Smart Waste Management system.

Certificate- ISO 9001:2015

Certificate- Startup India (recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotions of India and Internal Trade)

Founder Name- Debabrato Laha

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